Vendor Spotlight: maaari

Jeanette Sawyer & Ivy Ocampo

Founded in 2016 by Filipina American designers Ivy & Jeanette, maaari is a multi-brand, offering home goods, jewelry, accessories, and textiles inspired by Filipinx culture. Ivy & Jeanette are committed to creating the most ethical and sustainable products possible while honoring their roots and reimagining age-old traditions. 

via maaari

The Magwayan Ritual Mask, designed to burn incense, reinterprets the indigenous Filipinx tradition of covering the deceased with gold funeral masks. Connecting with the spiritual realm, dispelling negativity.

Babaylan (far right) 

The Visayan word for shaman, Babylan were seen as pillars of their indigenous communities. These women and trans women were healers and mystics. 

The Linglingo collar is made by Sesotunawa, a T’boli owned social enterprise that produces recycled brass jewelry through the art of Temwel.