In Todo /in toh-doh/ is a curated craft fair bringing visibility to the craft of BIPOC creatives in our communities. Across the landscapes of art, apparel, beauty, food, and home, In Todo centers diversity in the space of creating, filling the gap in representation.

Artwork by Liz Flores

Vendor Spotlight: maaari

maaari is a multi-brand founded by Filipina American designers Jeanette & Ivy. Working with makers & artisans in the Philippines, maaari offers jewelry, home goods, accessories, and textiles that honor their roots and reimagine age-old traditions...

maaari in Tagalog means “what is possible” and “can be done.”

About Us

Bonding over similar experiences of tokenization and invisibility in the fashion industry, Kristen, Shobha, Adele, & Aliya came together to build a craft fair that embraces representation rooted in community...