Vendor Spotlight: Sunny Side Studio

Sunny Side Studio

Sunny Side Studio at In Todo in 2021, photographed by Sanetra Longno

Founded in 2020 by Sahara Aldrich, Sunny Side Studio is a jewelry brand intent on making a statement with their playful earrings inspired by the energy of color and the therapy of light. Sunny Side Studio harnesses the power of a sunny day and transforms it into wearable art that can uplift your mood and engage your senses.

Earrings on display by Sunny Side Studio


Earrings by Sunny Side Studio

“There is an earring for every mood- showstopper, playful, mismatched, sophisticated or minimal. You don’t have to choose just one. Whether you want to stand out in a crowd or just put yourself in a good mood, we’re here to amplify your energy.”

Two models with deep brown skintones wear earrings by Sunny Side Studio

Any advice for BIPOC business owners?

Keep showing up for yourself and your community. It’s important to take up space and take back space. Keep building a community of business owners around you, whether digital or real life.

Favorite 90s R&B group?


Fave snack from your family background?

Lempur Ayam (glutinous rice with shredded chicken)

Favorite part about running your business?

Having a brand is the ultimate expression of your inner world and it is very satisfying to see your inner world take shape.

Biggest hurdle in running your business?

My biggest hurdle is time as a solo business owner.

What does In Todo mean to you?

To me, In Todo means community. A community that enables the freedom to authentically be ourselves in a space created for us. Proud to be who we are and proud of what we create, together.

A model with a deep brown skintone wears earrings by Sunny Side Studio

A pair of earrings by Sunny Side Studio, with an orange flower displayed above them

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I see my business in five years as my full time venture. To be able to live off of my business fully would be the dream. Ideally I would be able to expand the product lines and expand my reach.

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Images via Sunny Side Studio
and Sanetra Longno