Vendor Spotlight: San & Wolves Bakeshop

Kym Estrada, founder of San & Wolves Bakeshop
Kym Estrada (Founder) photographed by More Gnar

San & Wolves Bakeshop is a women and Filipino-owned vegan bakery offering up a unique variety of Filipino baked goods made from scratch. Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2017 by Kym Estrada, San & Wolves now operates in Long Beach, California. Ube acts as a key ingredient in many San & Wolves offerings, giving their treats that signature purple color.

How did you become a creator / business owner?

By mistake. Long story short, there was this monthly vegan pop-up in Bushwick, NY that I'd always go to and was so inspired by the chefs and businesses there. I didn't have a business or a logo or anything when I applied, but I did have 3 recipes. That said pop-up accepted my application and I guess I just kept doing it and here we are.

Fave snack from your family background?

Puto. It's a steamed Filipino rice cake. You can eat it as a dessert on it's own or accompanied by a savory dish!

Box of various donuts by San & Wolves Bakeshop

Favorite part about running your business?

The simple fact that we are a Filipino business. I’m also proud to be a Filipino taking up space in a field that is stereotypically reserved to white people, that is the vegan industry.

Favorite song?

Dismantle Me - The Distillers (all time fav) /// I Like It - Rubi Rose (current fave)

Pop up San & Wolves Bakeshop

Any advice for new BIPOC business owners?

TLDR; Ask for help! // As kids of immigrants we don't grow up learning practical skills that will help us financially and independently. All we know is to work hard and that mindset will help us achieve the American dream. I've learned a lot in this business to ask a lot of questions and there are actual organizations and leaders that are willing to give you the answers and hold your hand through it all. The first few years of starting S&W, I was so scared to show my lack of knowledge when it comes to money and business moves that it actually deterred the business from growing. But I think I've taken ownership and have embraced being a sponge. Like ya, maybe at the moment I didn't know what I'm doing but I'm a baker, I'm not supposed to automatically know how to set up annual cash flow projections or know how to install a kitchen hood. But you know what, I can find someone who does know. There's an expert in every field. Focus on being an expert in yours. You just can't do everything yourself.

Favorite 90s R&B group?

K-Ci & JoJo

Where do you see your business in 5 years?


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