Vendor Spotlight: Melanie Abrantes Designs

Melanie Abrantes, founder of Melanie Abrantes Designs
Melanie Abrantes (founder)

Meet Melanie Abrantes of Melanie Abrantes Designs. Using a process known as lathing, or wood turning, Melanie transforms pieces of solid wood and cork into one-of-a-kind home goods - including vases, planters, bowls and everyday objects - that are both beautiful and functional.

lathing, or wood turning, process
photo by @aysia

Melanie Abrantes holding a cork vase

What year did you start your business?


What are some of the biggest challenges you've experienced in your business?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced most recently is how to grow my business in a way that is sustainable for myself and my values. I am continuously learning as I go. I did not attend business school so a lot of how I learn is by doing and learning from others. It is always a challenge but so rewarding to see when we get to our next milestone!

Cork bowls on a tablescape

What snack or food makes you think about your childhood?

One of my favorite snacks is freshly cut mango. The perfect ripe mangos are so juicy and sweet and perfect for hot summers! I would watch my mom cut the mango so effortlessly, I still try to mimic her moves today but always end up cutting a little of the seed!

What's something you're very proud of in your business?

I am very proud that this year I was able to offer my employees benefits and sick leave. Something I have been working very hard to get to! It feels like such a huge accomplishment for me and my small business!

Cork canisters by Melanie Abrantes

What's something customers may not realize
about operating a small business?

Just how much labor goes into one product and how many people's hands touch the piece before it's in the customer's home! From designing, choosing the wood, making, finishing, packing and shipping! Each piece is inspected and made sure that it's the best quality it can be!

tablescape featuring cork bowls and wood bud vases by Melanie Abrantes Designs

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images via Melanie Abrantes
and Aysia Stieb

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