Vendor Spotlight: Laura Estrada Jewelry

Laura Estrada, founder of Laura Estrada Jewelry
Laura Estrada (owner) photographed by Nesrin Danan

Laura Estrada Jewelry is a Latinx-owned accessories brand handcrafting timeless, sustainable wearable art heirlooms and custom, conceptually-driven sculptural adornments for the face, hair and body.

Model Salem Mitchell wears a face adornment by Laura Estrada
Salem Mitchell for Laura Estrada Jewelry photographed by Christian Cody

How did you become a creator / business owner?

I have been creating objects with my hands from a very young age, so when I took a jewelry & metalworking class in college, I was hooked! After earning my BFA in the field, I apprenticed under a Master Goldsmith and worked for a large commercial jewelry company before starting my sustainably handcrafted jewelry brand.

“The jewelry that I make is a reflection of my own personal experience and the way that I relate to and cope with the world we live in.”

-Laura Estrada, from an interview with Unique Markets

Mia Hannah photographed by Joelle Grace

Any advice for new BIPOC business owners?

Know your worth! I've found this to be one of the most challenging aspects of being a working artist. Value your time, your work, your insight, and most importantly your journey. And find a community that makes you feel validated and connected!

Fave snack from your family background?

Ok not a snack, but my dad's arroz con pollo.

Jordan Clay for Laura Estrada Jewelry
photographed by
Christian Soria

Favorite 90s R&B group?

Hmmm so many good ones, that's hard. TLC always hits.

What does In Todo mean to you?

To me, In Todo is a symbol of representation. It is an inclusive space where the work of often marginalized folks is highlighted and celebrated. There is so much talent, passion, and community that has been created through In Todo already and I am so happy to share in it!