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Le'Ecia Farmer
Le’Ecia Farmer

Based in Seattle, Washington, Le’Ecia Farmer is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, bringing creative visions to life in the form of clothing and accessories made from natural and vintage materials.

What are some of the biggest challenges you've experienced in your business?

The biggest challenge so far has been having to pause frequently on executing creative visions due to limited funds or resources.

“I remember being as young as 5 saying I wanted to be a fashion designer or supermodel. I grew up in the 90s so supermodels were still big back then. I just remember thinking that they looked like moving works of art and I wanted to be a part of that somehow.”

-via Farmer’s interview with I AM THAT SHOP

Two models standing back to back wear clothing designed by Le'Ecia Farmer
Quilted orange shorts, hemp jacket and sheer top by Farmer
image by Nii Okaidja 

Le'Ecia Farmer
Le’Ecia Farmer

“My mom owns a hair salon and growing up she would always have magazines around for her clients. I would take home old issues of Vogue, Seventeen, Blackhair Magazine and even interior design and landscaping magazines. I would collage them or write in my own commentary on how to style certain outfits or make trend predictions.”

A model wears designs by Le'Ecia Farmer, holding a bowl of fruit

What's something customers may not
realize about operating a small business?

Customers may not realize that - for me this - this is a one person show. I am designer, pattern-maker, illustrator, sewist, and often photographer and model too. I think I'd be able to move at a faster pace if I had a team and could pay folks for different roles. My fashion is slow because I hand make everything but it's also slow because it's just me. I'm okay with that, but also hope folks know that's what is going on behind the scenes and can have patience with my delivery on new work.

What's something you're very proud of in your business?

I'm so proud of where I am based on collective support. I have so many people believing in me that it keeps me afloat even in difficult times.

A model wears designs by Le'Ecia Farmer, standing with their arms stretched out side to side

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images via Le’Ecia Farmer
Nii Okaidja and Whoswong

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