Vendor Spotlight: Dancing Kind

Richelle Navales-Yau (founder)

Founded in 2020 by Richelle Navales-Yau, Dancing Kind is a slow-fashion clothing line and curated vintage shop born out of the love for sharing the art of playing dress up through storytelling + dance.

How did you become a creator / business owner?

The idea of starting Dancing Kind came to me while on an airplane flight to my motherland, the Philippines. The idea of mixing my passion for dance and my love for clothing felt so right. I vividly remember the moment. I practically jumped in my seat on that airplane flight, leaned over to my partner, whispered my idea into his ear, and the rest is history

I gave birth to my first child in January 2020, and the postpartum journey was incredibly difficult for me. Aside from the process of healing, I was sitting in my own fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of disapproval, especially in a space (vintage and slow fashion) that I saw as dominantly led by white women. At the time, I was aware that my idea of dancing in clothes was a scary thing (Note that this was before reels! I know dancing on IG is a no brainer now! Haha.). It was something I’ve never done before, but something was ticking in me and telling me that if an idea terrifies you, it’s probably an amazing one that is absolutely worth pursuing.

I dove in. I went for it. I am a Special Education teacher, dancer, soon-to-be movement therapist, and mother. More than anything, I knew I needed to start this business to come alive in my creativity as I journey through motherhood. It quickly became an outlet for me, a therapeutic and safe space. I also wanted to show my daughter that she is capable of doing anything too - no matter who terrified she might be.

Any advice for new BIPOC business owners?

I'm huge on designing and creating with my own life stories in mind. Keep digging into your heart and spirit. Use your seasons and your life stories to shine through the little details of your business. Be authentically you - as cliche as that sounds, it's so true. Be vulnerably, authentically you.

Biggest hurdle in running your business.

Constantly trying to figure out the great dilemma and balance of being a full-time worker (business owner and Special Education specialist) and full-time mother. Extreme family support and a loving, gracious community is needed.

“Take your time, and be present.
You are the dancing kind.”

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years, I would like to have built a small team. Right now, it's just me. I would love to have a small team to help make Dancing Kind more sustainable for me and my family.

Favorite part about running your business.

Dancing! The community! Building my own confidence as a woman of color through taking risks and maintaining a spirit that's always willing to learn more.

Fave snack from your family background?

I really love sapin-sapin! It is a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert in Philippine cuisine

What's your dream vacation?

A good book and bottle of fruity wine in a room with a balcony that has a view of the Swiss Alps. The temperature would be in the low to mid 70s. :-)

Favorite 90s R&B group?


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images via Dancing Kind

What does In Todo mean to you?

For me, In Todo gives BIPOC artists a microphone and a stage in a space that might not often notice us. It helps to educate individuals about the beauty that exists within BIPOC cultures, through the similarities and dissimilarities. It gives BIPOC artists the opportunities to share their culture through their work, their art, their businesses. It builds a community of encouragement as we figure it out together.

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