Vendor Spotlight: CLE Cosmetics

Lauren Jin, owner of CLE Cosmetics
Lauren Jin (owner)

CLE cosmetics is a makeup and skincare brand based in Los Angeles, founded in 2015 by Lauren Jin. CLE is on a mission to formulate effective, non-toxic products using clean, high quality vegan ingredients. Their intention is to create makeup and skincare for the modern individual, marrying the latest innovations in Korean skincare technology with a minimal yet modern approach to form, function and beauty.

“CLE was born out of a desire to create products that were not only modern in their technology, but modern in their thinking. Each product within the line is designed to promote a sense of ritual and to support the contemporary womxn with self-care basics as they pursue the fullest expression of their personal power and sensuality.”

What are some of the biggest challenges you've experienced in your business?

My biggest challenge with CLE has been trying to find the right agencies that understand our vision. It takes a while, but once you find them, it's the best!
What snack or food makes you think about your childhood?

Hot Cheetos!

“We design our products embracing the belief that beauty is innate, fluid & subjective, and that makeup & skincare should exist to enhance the natural self. All of our ingredients are sourced responsibly and we work with top-tier labs in Korea dedicated to developing highly effective, quality products. All of our makeup & skincare is created with premium vegan, non-toxic, clean ingredients, and we never test on animals.”

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images via CLE Cosmetics

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