Vendor Spotlight: Arlo Goods

Marissa Cuevas (owner)

After taking a year-long sabbatical from working in the tech industry, Marissa Cuevas Campos of Arlo Goods decided to start her own brand, with a focus on hand-drawn artwork used in her designs. “That time away gave me a lot of clarity in the life I wanted to build, much of which revolved around drawing and painting again and creating something that I didn't see in the market.”

What year did you start your business?


What do you make?

Clothing and accessories

Favorite part about running your business?

So much!

1. Building something out of nothing
2. Getting to be creative or creative problem solving every day
3. Seeing customer reactions or feedback on how they feel in our clothes

Biggest hurdle in running your business?

Asking for help and balancing all the plates in the air.

Fave snack from your family background?

Patacones. They are twice-fried plantains that are smashed down into a disc shape. My favorite way to eat them is with salt and ketchup.

What’s your dream vacation?

2 weeks in South Africa then a week in Botswana

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images via Arlo Goods